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Mastering Investor Relations: 5 Questions for a Successful First Call

In this guide, we're handing you the secret formula – five questions that will increase your investor relations performance.

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Vitaliy Gnezdilov

Vitaliy comes from an investor experience and product design background. He is a passive real estate investor and co-founder of Raise Ready Systems on a mission to empower alternative investment managers to raise capital online. Vitaliy enjoys spending time with his family, teaching, photography, and travel.

Picture this: You've got a front-row seat to a conversation that could shape the future of your private equity business. The stage is set, the spotlight is on, and it's time to break the ice with potential investors — aka having your very first Investor Relations (IR) call. Now, this step is crucial as it dictates the pace of what to expect and do next.

In this guide, we're handing you the secret formula – five questions that will elevate your investor relations game. No roses, no candlelit dinners, just raw insights to unlock the doors to building meaningful relationships with potential investors. Why is this important? In essence, this will not only establish a connection but also set the stage for meaningful discussions about your investment opportunity.

1. Unlocking Curiosity: What Piqued Their Interest?

Dive straight into the heart of the matter. Ask them, "What piqued your interest in our offering?" Was it the copy of the ad that you published, the insightful website, or the promise of financial growth? Understanding their motivation provides insights into what they're seeking in a passive investment opportunity. This initial curiosity is the spark that can ignite a long-lasting partnership.

2. The Strategic Move: Why Now? (The "Why" Behind Passive Investment)

Time to get strategic. Why are they exploring passive investment opportunities at this moment? What financial puzzles are they looking to solve? They're probably solving for something in their life and you want to know what that part is. This question unveils not only their financial goals but also how your investment aligns with their unique portfolio strategy. It's like aligning chess pieces for the perfect move!

3. The Power Move: Assessing Past Investments

Explore their investment history by inquiring about their best investment to date. This question isn't just a casual inquiry; it's a strategic move to align your offering with their ideal investment criteria. Listen closely for cues on how to position your opportunity as the perfect match for their investment expectations.

4. Financial Compatibility Check (Are They the Right Fit for Your Investment?)

Before the big reveal, ensure financial compatibility and understand if they meet the criteria for investing in your offering. Confirm their accredited investor status and discuss the minimum investment amount. It's the financial compatibility check – ensuring you both speak the same language and that your offering seamlessly aligns with their financial landscape.

5. Setting Expectations: Relationship Goals

Delve into their expectations from a investment partnership. Uncover their communication preferences, and take the opportunity to outline what it's like to invest with you. Discuss your investor portal, frequency of communications, and how you handle distributions. This will allow you to paint the picture of what it's like doing business with you as well as be able to preemptively sell them for offerings that are going to be coming down the pipeline. This also provides transparency and enables you to possibly build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Now, armed with these questions, you're ready to make that first investor relations call a productive and insightful experience.

Also, here's the good news – if you partner with us at Raise Ready, you gain access to a whole system that lists down not just these questions but details out the entire process of converting leads into engaged investors. All of these essential aspects are covered in our system — how to convert more leads into conversations via text message, how to automatically schedule meetings and get them on your calendar, as well as what the follow-up process looks like.

Master your first call, and set the tone for a successful investor-sponsor relationship. Schedule a one-on-one chat with us and we’ll tell you more about creating an experience that investors will want to be a part of (we’ve mastered this one folks).